LouBel Treasure Candle  - £20.00  (Discount of £5) plus P&P

LouBel Treasure Candle - £20.00 (Discount of £5) plus P&P

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You are purchasing a wax scented candle presented in a tin but this item has a hidden surprise !!

your surprise is a piece of sterling silver jewellery !!

The candle is scented and scents are packed at random unless you specify fragrance from those in stock

To emove your pre-mounted piece of sterling silver from the melted wax which is usually in the middle of the wax tin

Please take care when removing your item as hot wax will burn your skin. Please also take all required safety precautions with your candle as there is naked flame and this should not be near children, pets and should not be placed near or close to flammable items. We also recommend that the candle does not burn for more than 4 hours, that the wick is cut short when cold and that the candle burns on a heat resistant surface 

Each candle has been formulated with your wellbeing in mind with the aim of the candle creating a lovely aroma and creating a sense of relaxation, tranquility, escapism or revival

All was products carry their own individual label Indicating place of manufacture, ingredients and scent along with how to use them safely 

This item is not refundable once purchased this does not affect your statutory rights